Poet Laureate II

Poet Laureate II


From Canibus' album Rip the Jacker, Bis raps for seven straight minutes over three beats constructed by Jedi Mind Tricks producer Stoupe. The vocals for this entire album were recorded a capella then sent to Stoupe who created beats around them. The three different beats reflect each of Canibus' three alter egos: Canibus, Rip the Jacker, and Germaine Williams.

A “poet laureate” is basically a highly revered poet, sometimes even appointed by a government.

In this epic “poem” Canibus starts out by describing how he expects “Rip the Jacker” – his super lyrical alter ego – will be thought of by historians centuries from now. He then tries to prove his case by spitting one of “Rip’s” (really just his own) rhymes.

This is Part II in a Trilogy of Poet Laureate tracks which includes Poet Laureate and Poet Laureate Infinity