The first edition of the “Maybach Music” series finds Jay and Rozay dropping verses over a J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League track, and producer Rook talked about how the track came together:

I did the skeleton for the track and it had a sample in it. Of course, we added the live instruments on top of the sample. We always had this special little folder for JAY-Z [laughs]. We had that beat in the stash for maybe a couple of months. […] We play [Rick Ross] the beat—it was called ‘Never Die’—and he was just smoking and he was silent. And then he looks at us like, ‘Yo…I’ma call this ‘Maybach Music'…and I’ma put JAY-Z on this.’ We were like, ‘Oh shit, JAY-Z? Alright!’ [Laughs]

So we’re mixing ‘Maybach Music’—I’m talking about we are at the final mixing stage with Leslie Brathwaite at Patchwerk [Studios] and there’s still no JAY-Z verse. At the last, last, last minute, Leslie gets a phone call: ‘Yo, about to send you the vocals.’ And we were like, ‘God damn! Yes! Finally!’ So we finally got this shit and we listened to it and we were like, ‘God damn! This is one of Jay’s hardest verses.’