Bag Talk (lnterlude)


Unless you tryna feel it your Don' way
Yeah, check it make it
Break it imma feel it real later
Please count that thing l've made it
I been on it repeatedly I can give it
In any form while I'm from away
Hmmh, get it in my zone right
I'm feeling it l bet l don't fright
Gettin' gettin' it good, heard a lot of people
Saying all to me, saying it gotta be

Verse 1
Gotta lot of energy coming from my mind
Its about what you got to need going wild
Its about lotta kids going on run
I been saying to myself like they gon' rob you, screw screw
I got you pity for your rap, like trap trap
808 just oh feel feel boom like map map
Some bodied niggas trynna change the game game
That's why I'm back, now I'm doing Zim map map
Made the cheque, check it
Been authentic, feel it I feel it really made it
On the regular, I'm No.1 that chains chains
Put in facts fancy, enlighting well on chains chains
Great love, put in down in the middle of it raw
I really can't stop, I gotta give you it all
So pardon me, I'm from South wev do it
Gotta do bigger from heavens seeing all above
Paid to do a lot, people gotta show the love
That's why l dont tell or ask, really done lot of craft
Yeah ain't imaginations I'm really a hero
You got to do it until when seeing lotta zeros
H-town born rapper ain't seeing anybody here
Just gotta do what you do imma you mean tell me
Time I'm doing gotta a lot of privileges
As you seeing me I'm coming
Pray to God daily, imma got to Paradise
Gotta see the wall along hard as momma gone already
Really keep soulful I got on lock about morals
I don't really keep attentions like dirty calls
Just been my own rule, just been on bag count
Been emotional, got to keep valuable
Like 10 years in the game, and ain't started
Kinda prove it that my mutual is undivided
Gotta do lotta good don't imagine
Pick old school just l really like it
Its a bout old school my people
Gotta pick your own shoes my hittas
In the hood it's model stress they walking on comma
The ladder l climbed thought was lying lies
That life harder, it gotta be tougher
Got change the game and don't do like right
I don't give a damn what you think about me
Lotta trynna be good on lose but ain't changing the game
Got it print on my name, gotta do it big ain't ashamed
Got turn it up fast rapper like we getting the same
Got to do what l feel it like, God is with me, yeah
Got to practise, l got to practise
I got fill lotta real sh*t puttin' margins
Feel what you did back then
I got a lot partying, got to feel vibin'
So I'm coming in my own way l gotta fill in
So you putting in lot of intentions
They ain't giving you enough
Leave these bitches, make more bag feel it

I pray, l pray, l still pray and l pray
I still pray and l pray much, ohh
I still pray and changed a lot
And learned, yeah


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