One Time 4 Your Mind

One Time 4 Your Mind


“One Time 4 Your Mind” features a jazzy breakbeat from the 1969 track “Walter L” by Jimmy Gordon & His Jazznpops Band, courtesy of producer Large Professor, who spoke about the track in an interview with XXL:

It was cool, ‘cause it was a little quick rhyme that he had. Some shortie-to-the-store shit, like that. Not like he was tryin’ to go too hard or lyrical. It was just like, “Yo, I’m a regular dude. I’ll kick some cool, around-the-way, corner shit for you.

Nas said the following about the track:

‘One Time 4 Your Mind’ was amazing to me. Again, the track by itself was out of this world.

Nas' friend Grand Wizard added:

At the time, we were just listening to the beat, and Nas was like, ‘Come in [the booth] with me and help me with the hook.’ So I get on the mic and say, ‘One time for ya mind, one time…’ And Nas comes in with, ‘Yeah, whatever…’ He just knew how to bounce off of me.