She said "Just don't forget me. Keep me locked up in your memories because the times that we shared meant the most to me". The times are changing. We're getting older and it's not the same. "If you'll be leaving, might as well forget me". Life is destroying us and time will soon erase all that we've created. I'm terrified as I watch it all fade away. I won't lie, I can't live and die here in this city. Alone in life as I watch it all fade from me. "We'll live our separate lives but please just don't forget about me". Just rest your soul. "And so now you're leaving. Things are never gonna be the same, once you shut that door that's the end. No more sleeping alone!" She hates it. "Just come home and fix this". I can't be the one to make you wait. Maybe you'll be better off without me. I'd rather throw my body to sea and let the waves crash over me. Erase my face from your memory so you don't have to forget me. I'm terrified as I watch it

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