The mood of this song, as Ross stated, is that music you play in your two-seater with your favorite female (of the week) just riding together feeling like BAWSES.

Producer Rook of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League talked about the track:

Man, the hardest part about making that beat was creating a sound. But even then, you just go through a trance and start experimenting. I think the main inspiration for that was Prince and old-school R&B like Cherrelle and The Whispers. Even Ice Cube ‘You Know How We Do It’ and ‘It Was a Good Day.’ Like, as soon as the song comes on, you know exactly what the fuck it is.

We didn’t do the song specifically for Ross. A few other people made songs to it. Actually, I sent it to Drake before I sent it to Ross. Ross did the song with him and Chrisette Michele, and DJ Khaled sent it to Drake. Then when Drake got it, he text me and was like, ‘Yo! Why didn’t you send me this beat?!’ I was like, ‘My man, that was in the first set of beats I sent you’ [laughs]. He got on it and did his thing, though.

While Drake initially provided the chorus, a remix version with a Drake verse was later released and had a music video. The single topped Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart for 18 weeks. The song was officially re-released as Paris Morton Music in 2019.