Sweet Puppet


You don't have to tell me how hungry you've been
I can see it dripping from your teeth
Every organ in my body is worth weight in snow or nutrients
I'd trade it for the air you breathe

Oh to be on top of you and me
Just two starving rats chewing our own feet
Don't you leave before the ritual's complete
And my body's served your every need

You don't have to tell just how desperate you've been
I can smell it oozing from your pores
I'm just a puppet sweet and wet and I am ready to be worn again
The pleasures mine, my body's yours
Oh to be the you of you and me
Just two lonely kids bandaging our feet
Can you see a ritual in me
Not just my pound of flesh to suit your greed

Let me breathe in spite of you and me
I am your coat of skin tearing at the seams
Can't you see the ritual is me
I am a rat from hell
Sent for your teeth

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