(One, two, three, four)

Waiting for someone to tolerate me
Hanging around because I can't leave this cat behind
In nine lives if I haven't found something to hold on to
Why worry? Nobody I care for will be around

The only emotion that I can convey when I contemplate my life
Is an uncompromising flush of uncertainty
Which is caused by a combination of lack of self-respect
And an overwhelming lack of company
So I will share my bed with phantom limbs and live my life in tidy rooms
Surround myself with living things that don't know how to move

I am like cigarettes and steak and booze, obеsity and stress
Everyone with a bad hеart will blame me for their mess
My life story’s just a clip show
Filled with long drawn out scenes of plug holes


[Drum fill after silence]
Jesus Christ, that scared me so bad

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