In this stand-out track off Lupe Fiasco’s debut album Food & Liquor, Lupe Fiasco and Jay-Z trade rhymes over a lively instrumental provided by producer Prolyfic.

“Pressure” samples the instrumental disco sound of “Pressure Cooker” by Motown performer Thelma Houston and the Pressure Cooker backing band from 1975. This beat is essentially a hip-hop reworking of the song intro and an even funkier, melodic sound within most of the song, making it even more awesome.

Add up the long time Chi-Town producer Prolyfic once again collabing with the then up-and-coming Lupe, looking to make a record about his pending entrance as a Hip Hop genius, who then turns to another genius himself – the now un-retired Hov who nearly signed Lupe himself and executively produced the album, all together on top of an awesome sample and you get “Pressure”, where the two drug dealers-turned-rappers talk about the current state of the ‘Rap game’ and how both want to fight to change the crunk/gangsta mainstream and create a more positive message through music, taking pressure off their fellow contemporaries to live up to previous standards by leading the fight. Oh, and also showing off a bunch of cool entendres and metaphors.