Heartz of Men

Heartz of Men


DJ Quik provides 2Pac with a G-Funk beat cut from the same cloth as the productions from his 1995 album Safe + Sound, released approximately one year before All Eyez On Me. Quik also cuts in samples from Richard Pryor’s comedy albums That Nigger’s Crazy and Is it Something I Said. Quik said the following regarding the creation of this track:

Tupac was venting. He was vexed about something he wanted to speak about and my job as the producer is to lay down the musical bed so he can be most comfortable getting that shit out of his system. And I think that’s what we accomplished. A driving, angry beat to match his driving, angry delivery.

Pac was a consummate artist. ‘Pac would really think first before he wrote. He would become a part of the song. Almost as if he knew the shit would last forever. He was that meticulous about the way he wrote to certain tracks. My thing with that record was that, as tight as Tupac was – he’s legendary – I still had to be the producer and check what I didn’t like and how we could make that record near perfect, if we couldn’t make it perfect. I had to be stern with him on some things, but for the most part, it was like he was a ghost. It was like, ‘You’re not supposed to be here.’ He was there in the flesh.

We’d get into it every now and then. He’d be like, ‘Fuck Quik, why you gotta be so hard on me with the backgrounds?’ I’m like. ‘If you make them perfect, they’ll always be perfect. But if you just slouch, they’re gonna suck forever.’