Dollaz + Sense

Dollaz + Sense

DJ Quik

One of the most scathing diss records of all time, DJ Quik proceeds to spit some venom at his rival MC Eiht of Compton’s Most Wanted.

Quik released The Red Tape locally prior to the release of his 1991 debut album and he mentioned CMW on the track “Real Doe,” which Quik referenced on the Safe + Sound track “Let You Havit.” A years-long beef ensued with both sides throwing disses back-and-forth, culminating with the release of “Dollaz + Sense,” first on Death Row’s Murder Was the Case soundtrack before it was re-released on Quik’s Safe + Sound. Quik even performed the song live during a Death Row medley at the controversial 1995 Source Awards.

The beef spilled off wax, which Quik referenced in his 1998 single “You'z a Ganxta,” a song he used to propose an end to the beef. The two eventually reconciled and worked together on the tracks “Central Ave” and “Funny How Niggas Gon' Change Things” in 2017.

On The Audio Biography of David mixtape, DJ Quik talked about his mentality at the time he made “Dollaz + Sense”:

If bitter is sour, I was acid and vinegar when I did this shit. […] You know what’s funny? I don’t even rap like this no more, like, I don’t think like this. Like, this was a one-time shot. This is how you take out all your anger and then leave it there. Like, this shit right here, I was so mad back then at MC Eiht, that if we woulda got into it, and, you know, if it woulda got to gunplay, I probably woulda shot myself in the hand getting my gun out to shoot him. That’s how mad I was. Haha.