Shoot ’em Up

Shoot ’em Up


Nas used the flow from a well known Christmas carol, “Carol of the Bells” by Mykola Leontovych, to paint the picture of a hood murder scene.

Nas has particularly been critized for the hook of this song for it’s violent lyrics by the media such as Fox and CNN:

As Nas says about the record in an interview with Rolling Stone:

I can’t understand how Bill O'Reilly can be angry at a song called ‘Shoot 'Em Up.’ If I didn’t have a microphone, I could never talk about ‘Shoot 'Em Up,’ and I was talking about Queens, New York, being shot up. What do I have to do to get somebody to turn around and hear what I’m saying and take it serious? I’m not here just to be in your face talking nonsense, we’re talking about reality. For him to be upset or people like him to be upset is insane to me. It just shows how ignorant people are.