Last Call

Last Call

Kanye West

On The College Dropout’s final track (hence the title), Kanye West tells his story from being just a producer to the Yeezy we all know and love.

The track was originally produced by fellow rapper/producer Evidence from the West Coast rap group Dilated Peoples. He created this track from a stack of records he got from his associate Porse, and after Kanye worked with Dilated Peoples on the track “This Way” in 2004, Evidence gave the track to Kanye with the intention of him giving it to Jay-Z. After Jay decided not to use the track, Kanye took it and re-produced it, which Evidence explained in an interview with HipHopDX:

The reason it says [it was] produced by both of us [is because] the sample didn’t clear. He went and had an orchestra come in and replay shit. A musicologist, he really took it to a level I couldn’t have musically. Instruments were played on top, he added drums to my drums and he really took it there. I think the version I turned in to him was just as raw because I love the loop and the drum sound of it, but his is really well-produced. So when it says it was produced by both of us, it’s well-deserved. I’m not disputing that or anything like that.

The track samples Bette Midler’s “Mr. Rockefeller”