45:33 is LCD Soundsystem’s third LP. Its one 46 Minute long Composition. The Original Release was one long ass track but later versions have it split up into 6 parts

However the title track is not forty-five minutes and thirty-three seconds long, but forty-six minutes and five seconds in duration. Some speculate that the title 45:33 may be a reference to the John Cage song 4'33, or to the two speeds on record players, 45 and 33 1/3.

45:33 was one of the first albums to be an iTunes exclusive, digital-only release. It was, according to Pitchfork Magazine, “released exclusively under the banner of a Nike Internet running club/sportsgear catalog.”
The Song was Comusioned By The nike Brand for you to listen to while jogging
although James later Admitted he didn’t jog, he just wanted to make a long ass song

45:33 was written by James Murphy and produced by the DFA and Eric Broucek. It features Alex Frankel on piano, Jason Disu on trombone, Carter Yasutake playing trumpet and Terra Deva singing vocals.