F#@!in’ Backstabber

F#@!in’ Backstabber

Soul Intent

A song by the group Soul Intent.

This was on the mix tape Soul Intent, the band’s third and final mix tape.

The theme of the song would be continued on plain old “Backstabber” on Eminem’s first album, Infinte.

The backstabber in question is fellow Detroit rapper and collaborator) Champtown (wiki)

Via the Metro Times:

Around 1995, Em’ accused Champ[town] of trying to get into [his girlfriend] Kim’s pants. Champ and others interviewed say it wasn’t true. Their friendship ended.

However, the skit that precedes this track exposed a secret phone conversation between Champtown & Kim where Champ shows interest in “gettin' together” with her, offering clues that Champ really was trying to steal Kim’s attention from Em.