Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road


This song was Eminem’s response to a controversy that arose when an old tape titled “Foolish Pride” was leaked, with Eminem rapping that black women are dumb and will use you for your money. “Yellow Brick Road” is his public apology (and explanation).

Em depicts the frustration of growing up poor while getting made fun of for doing things white people aren’t supposed to do (such as wearing Black Pride colors). Between getting mocked by black kids, being poor, and finally getting dumped by a black girl he was dating, Eminem was pissed off and vented by recording a racist song.

Of course, Eminem has always been so careful not to come across as racist that he’s essentially avoided the n-word his whole career. The best example of his awareness of this concern is on “Criminal” in which he says:

I drink more liquor
To fuck me up quicker
Than you’d want to fuck me up
For saying the word…

(the blank of course, being the n-word)