Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth

Gang Starr

Probably one of the most influential Gang Starr songs, Guru spits lyrical genius over a–needless to say–genius Premo beat.

DJ Premier said the following about the track:

The first verse was a universal verse anyone could relate to. Guru was going thru a trial at the time, so it was really heartfelt. That’s why the second verse was about his fear of going to prison for five years. And that’s why he told me to name the album Moment of Truth, because our attorney told us that if he did go to jail, it would be right when the album drops, and he wouldn’t be ’round to do any of the promo. This entire track is real personal but also has a very universal appeal to it. Everything that Guru wrote about, all the fear and anxiety, all of it, he was really feeling inside.

This song was featured in Dave Mirra’s: Freestyle BMX 2, released in 2001.

In 2017, during the seventh episode of Mr. Robot’s third season, the song was playing in the car of the actor and rapper Joey Bada$$, just after one of the main characters got betrayed by former allies. Or as Guru would put it – met his moment of truth.