’93 ’Til Infinity

’93 ’Til Infinity

Souls of Mischief

Rising from the Oakland hip-hop scene, Souls of Mischief, a subgroup of Hieroglyphics, talk about their daily lives in 1993, from women, talking about money, and eating grub.

Planes and Pigeons says, “‘93 ‘Til Infinity achieves a rare feat: it is a beautiful song that doesn’t sound like what we think of when we typically discuss 'beautiful music’.”

This track samples the Billy Cobham track, “Heather” off of his 2nd album “Crosswinds”. A-Plus sped the sample up to ridiculous rates on most likely an SP-1200 (Many producers did this for jazz samples in the early 90’s because the SP-1200 sampler didn’t have much sample time).

During an interview with SPIN, the group’s A-Plus revealed the original title track was named differently.

The original song was called ‘91 'Til Infinity.’ We were in high school, just making songs, making demos, trying to get them to send out to people, and it was just a concept for a song. It had a whole different beat. We never really laid the song down, but we wrote verses. Time moved forward and we were working on the album, and we were like, ‘We should do a '92 'Til Infinity.’ But the album didn’t come out ‘til '93. So that was that. The other beat was slower, more somber, this was one was more upbeat.

Original four members of the Souls of Mischief, (left to right) Phesto, Opio, Tajai, A-Plus