Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge


Jagged Edge are an American R&B group consisting of Richard Wingo, Kyle Norman, and identical twins Brian Casey and Brandon Casey. The group formed in Atlanta in 1995 after Brian and Brandon met Kyle “through church activities.” Richard was the last member to join the group with an assist from Xscape’s Kandi, who was responsible for slipping Jermaine Dupri the group’s demo, and ultimately landing them a record deal with So So Def Recordings.

Jagged Edge’s best-selling album is their sophomore, January 2000 album, J.E. Heartbreak which is certified 2x Platinum. The album also produced two of the group’s best-known singles, “Let’s Get Married” and “Promise.”

In a January 2016 interview with Billboard, Brandon revealed how the group adopted their name, stating:

At the time we had a name that nobody liked, including us. Then another male group came out of Atlanta calling themselves A Few Good Men. That started me looking at movie titles. Jagged Edge [a 1985 film starring Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges] had no significant meaning at the time. I just loved the sound of the name. And we adapted it to mean rough around the edges … that was kind of our story.