1997 Rap Olympics

1997 Rap Olympics


These are some of the verses Eminem spit at the 1997 Rap Olympics.

Em took 2nd place, losing to Otherwize, a member of the West Coast rap community Project Blowed.

As a result of being out in California for the battle tournament, Em made an appearance on the world famous Wake Up Show (hosted by Sway and King Tech). The freestyles he did on the Wake Up Show caught the attention of Dr. Dre. To get cash, he also recorded his guest verse on “Green And Gold” for The Anonymous (Band).

The professionally shot footage of the full ‘97 Rap Olympics was stolen, so the full tournament is lost media, including all verses by Eminem’s opponents, and a lot of his own verses. What survives is a short highlight reel of Eminem’s verses which was commissioned by Wendy Day to show off her protegé.

As the full footage is lost, most of what is known about the ‘97 Rap Olympics comes from written accounts. Born A Villain by Riddlore? presents an oral history of the events, focusing on the Project Blowdians, who were Eminem’s opponents. Jason Mallory, a friend of Eminem at the time, wrote an article including details about the Rap Olympics. Westsiders by William Shaw describes the '97 Rap Olympics from the perspective of an observer who was taken with the novelty value of a then unknown white emcee. Eminem has described his experience at the Rap Olympics in various interviews and his own autobiography, The Way I Am (2008).