This is Eminem’s first song from his identically titled first album. The title is an ode to scientific concepts, such as “infinity” – the concept of having no limits or boundaries in time, space, extent, or magnitude.

Eminem uses an intricate rhyme scheme throughout this song:

Also notice the heavy presence of Nas throughout the song. Before the rhyming starts, he’s invoked in loose quotations of “One Time 4 Your Mind” and “Represent,” while the beat recalls that of “Half Time”.

As Eminem wrote about this time period in Angry Blonde:

The Hip-Hop Shop was a spot in Detroit where all of the city’s illest emcees would meet. It was a regular hangout for me. Back in the Hip-Hop Shop days, there were verses that I would throw out in the Shop. I would just use them in there. Once I started getting a rep, I actually used one of those verses for an open mic and people were trippin on it so I thought ‘'Fuck it. I gotta finish it’‘. I finished the verses and made them into this song. D-12’s denaun (aka Kon Artis) used to do all my beats and he had the original track. I personally think this was the best song I did on the album. That was 95, 96 – the era of just rhyming for the hell of it. People at one point actually said I sounded like Nas, cause I used all these big words. This is show-your-skill type of shit.

This song was remastered and re-released on November 17th, 2016 on digital (iTunes and Spotify) for the first time.