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Keep My Spirit Alive (Freestyle)


Lyrics from Jeen-Yuhs

[Intro: Kanye West & KayCyy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Keep my spirit alive, keep my spirit alive

[Verse: Kanye West & KayCyy]
Undeniably the top ten, brought souls to J-HOV
(Keep my spirit alive, alive)
Now bring the souls to Jehovah
(More than enough)
Raised in the cold, thank God, I'm Bipolar
(You can take it all but the Lord on my side)
Saint to the soul, they sayin' to my solar
[?] rain, not solar
(The spirit won't die, I-)
Can't call [?] some, I'm not Oprah
I wouldn't do a doc on Mike, I'm not Oprah
(Oh, oh, my life)
[?] doc on sight, [?] polar
(Is in His hands so I don't stress, I pray and strategize)
[?] that's fight in my polar
Pop one, saw that back on my shoulders
Now I got the culture back on my shoulders
Now I got a back [?] back for my boulders
Hope like [?] I can't [?]
[?], they can't hold it
Shit, I-
...Lessons, listens to Pump
Lessons, testin'
Post part of dеpression
Aggression, thesе are my confessions
Yes and, in the therapy sessions
A blessin', listen to pump
Lessons, blessin'
Listen to pump, restin'
Restin', sayin' I don't restin'

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About "Keep My Spirit Alive (Freestyle)"

This is an early version of the track “Keep My Spirit Alive” that appeared on the first and finale tracklist of Donda, this would be a freestyle, where KayCyy’s vocals are heard on this version and the beat was more different from the original.

This version was heard in the Act 3 of Kanye’s documentary “Jeen-yuhs: a Kanye trilogy”, released on Netflix in February 16.

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