Shook Ones Part II

Shook Ones Part II

Mobb Deep

“Shook Ones (Part II)” is – with almost unanimous consent – proof that sequels can be better than the original song.

In what must be a contender for the greatest remix ever, Mobb Deep flipped the slept-on “Shook Ones” into a QB anthem. Prodigy and Havoc deliver a warning to fake wannabe thugs over one of the most sinister beats rap has ever heard.

It’s the lead single from the classic The Infamous album, back when Prodigy and Havoc were only 19 years old.

The song made it to the silver screen once Eminem’s character from 8 Mile – B-Rabbit – referenced one of the most notable lines of the track as he freestyled over the same beat:

Ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

The song also made it to Broadway in the hit musical Hamilton. In the song My Shot, Alexander Hamilton raps:

Only nineteen but my mind is older