1-833-2GET-REV (REVIVAL Voicemail)

1-833-2GET-REV (REVIVAL Voicemail)


“1-833-2GET-REV” is part of an elaborate marketing campaign by Eminem in the lead-up to his highly anticipated ninth studio album. The campaign was set up as a parody of a pharmaceutical company treating a fictional condition called “Atrox Rithimis”, declaring Em’s ability to treat the sick condition of today’s rap industry. The theme continues Em’s extended drug dependency metaphor throughout his discography.

On October 25, 2017, Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg posted a photo of Yelawolf’s new CD. In the background of the picture was a large billboard ad for what appears to be a pharmacy ad for something called ‘RƎVIVAL’.

When fans rang the phone number advertised, they listened to this automated message played over a piano rendition of “I Need A Doctor”, Em’s 2011 hit with Dr. Dre thus confirming the nature of this cryptic marketing campaign. The drug also came with a website, including another promotional ad with many references to “Lose Yourself”.

This drop came two weeks after Em exploded back onto the scene with his BET Donald Trump diss.